Volunteer Position: Photographer


Purpose: To photograph functions and events of Grace Mission so we can keep our web page, display board, and Facebook pictures current


Location: Grace Mission, 303 W. Brevard St, and various event locations


Schedule: 1 or more photographers needed for events and routine activities.


Key Responsibilities


  • Sign up to photograph an event or regularly scheduled activities so we know that we have coverage
  • Photograph event
  • Upload photos to a photo sharing website. Once uploaded, send an email to us at gracemission@gracemission.net so we know to look for your beautiful pictures. Please title your email “Grace Mission photos from…” and the name of the event. Be sure to include a link to the photo album so we know where to find them.
  • Keep up with your volunteer hours for our reports and send us a total of your hours when you notify us that pictures have been downloaded


Time commitment: one to two hours depending on the event to be photographed.


Check the upcoming special events calendar for dates. You may photograph one event, sign up for multiple events, or sign up for functions whenever you choose. You can also photograph daily and monthly activities, like the After-School weekly Creative Play Programs, tutoring, or the monthly outreach Water Walk or Mobile Grocery. This can be a perfect one-time activity for you or an on-going project to help capture the life of Grace Mission.



  • Ability to take digital pictures
  • Ability to download photos
  • Reliability in keeping commitments