Volunteer Position: Christmas Angel Coordinator

Work must be completed 2 weeks before Thanksgiving


Purpose: To create Christmas Angel forms to be distributed to churches and organizations for adopting a child or for providing a gift for a child at Christmas


We have about 60 children who are eligible to receive gifts and we need someone to do the many administrative tasks involved in this process. Much of the work can be done in October and early November in advance of getting wish lists from children.


Location: Work can be done off site, with periodic check in meetings with the Director of Children’s Programs at Grace Mission, 303 W Brevard Street.


Schedule: 1 person or a group who can work together to complete the list of tasks required


Key Responsibilities:


  • Set up data base/files of the children who will be gifted
  • Create “Christmas Angels” to be placed on Angel Trees at local churches and participating organizations
    • Copy and print angel forms
    • Cut out angels and string them for hanging on Angel Trees
    • Add the children’s info to the angels forms
    • Sort angels for delivery to local churches and participating groups by the week before Thanksgiving
    • Review Christmas wish lists provided by the children for reasonableness
    • Input wish lists to database, print lists, and add them to the angel forms
    • Coordinate the placement of “angels” to ensure all children are covered
    • Communicate frequently with the Grace Mission Director of Children’s Programs
    • Keep a record of your volunteer hours for Grace Mission’s reports
    • Send a total of your hours to us at the end of each month or at project completion


Time commitment: This is a commitment to see the project through to completion by the deadline of the week before Thanksgiving. The amount of time you spend is dependent on whether you do the entire project solo or recruit help cutting out angels and stringing them..



  • Computer savvy
  • Organized
  • Reliable
  • Enjoy managing a project from start to finish