Grace Mission is always looking for new volunteers to help serve our community.
If you are interested in volunteering at Grace Mission, please browse through the links below for the various volunteer positions
available. Please call (850)224-3817.

Volunteer positions:


The many opportunities to serve at Grace Mission include behind-the-scene 

support work, independent work like photography, and to face-to-face interaction

with children and/or adults. Below is a list of volunteer positions to click on for

detailed descriptions of the position. We hope you find a position that interests you and that you enjoy your experience with us.


If you have an area of interest in serving that is not listed, please contact us to

explore that possibility. There may also be opportunities that are available but

not listed on this page if they are short term, last minute, or special events positions. If you are interested in being “on-call” to be contacted for such needs, please email to be added to the on-call list.


The positions in the Children’s and Youth Programs have a link in their description for you to sign up on-line. If you have questions about these positions please contact the Director of Children’s Programs at or call 850-224-3817, unless otherwise noted.


To sign up for adult positions or ask questions about these positions, please email or call 850 224-3817. 


Children’s Programs

After-School Tutor

Bus/Van Rider

Christmas Coordinator

Creative Play Pal

Creative Play Provider

Big Fish Chapel Partner

Kitchen Aide

Healthy Snack Provider



Adult Programs

Driver for Food Distribution

Driver to Pick Up Sam’s Orders

Flower Garden Helper

Helper and Driver for Outreach Events

Kitchen Serving Team

Mobile Grocery Loader

Mobile Grocery Intake & Distributor

Office and General Organizer

Office Helper

Organic Garden Helper



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Our parishioners appreciate 
your support, here is a list 
of items they need if you are 
planning on donating items 
to Grace Mission.

Underwear (L, XL)
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels

Thank you for being a blessing to others


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