Grace Mission in Tallahassee, FL has been a downtown Christian community for over 20 years.  It was founded in the mid-1990's (see our history section) with a vision of planting a radical kind of ministry that was and still is focused on worship, while crossing racial, social, and economic lines to minister to the whole person.  We are a ministry to the 'least of these' - a ministry about people - loving them in the name of Jesus. 

Grace Mission also supports other ministries and partners with other agencies within the Frenchtown community.  We realize the importance of cooperation and communication with others to help achieve common goals. 


Grace Mission is located at the corner of Brevard and Bronough streets on the edge of Frenchtown, a historically black urban community in Tallahassee, Florida. 



Unlike a mission church, which is expected to be self-supporting at some time in the future, Grace Mission, as an outreach mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Florida, is supported by the diocese, other churches, and individuals.  The current percentage of support:

Fundraisers -- 36%,   Individuals -- 26%,   Diocese -- 22%,  Churches -- 16%


Grace Mission also raises 35-40% of its own income through fundraisers throughout the year.  Join us for our yearly fundraisers: Evening of Grace Gala, Blues and BBQ, and Alternative Markets. Please see our Upcoming events calendar or 'Like' us on facebook to stay up-to-date with our events.




What's the dress code?

Most people come to Grace Mission in jeans and casual clothes.  So if you want to blend in, dress casually even for worship.  No tuxes, please.  Don't make us look bad.

How's the pipe organ?

Some churches use organs and are perfect for people who like organs.  That's just not us.  We prefer a more contemporary sound, so we rely on more contemporary instruments and songs.  We do enjoy hymns now and then but for the most part we sing and play contemporary Christian songs.

Are you going to fit in?

At Grace Mission we attract and serve people that are in a homeless or poverty situation along with people of every age, height, race and shoe size.  Being an inner city church, we attract people from every spectrum.  What's really great is getting to make so many friends, including some who are like you and some who are not.

What are the core values?

The last thing you want to do is visit a church that's spooky.  We've put our core beliefs online so that you can see we adhere to a sound Christian doctrine.



There are many ways to participate in the life and ministries of Grace Mission!  If you would like to explore ways to support the ministries of Grace Mission - from tutoring to preparing and serving meals, to providing website and technological support -  please call our office for further information 850-224-3817.  We are grateful you have expressed an interest in Grace Mission and we look forward to meeting you!