“Grace Mission helps reach those who are often forgotten in society: the homeless, poor, underemployed, addicted, people with AIDs, ...
Whether through our feeding program, worship services, outreaches, afterschool program, Bible Study, and many others, we try to extend "grace upon grace" to all people. We welcome you to become a part of this vital ministry!”  -Pastor Amanda Nickles

Click here to see a full size poster for the 2017 Blues & BBQ Fundraiser


Thank you to all the volunteers that helped make the 6th Annual Blues and BBQ fundraiser a success!


Special thanks to Brett Wellman and the Stone Cold Blues Band * Peter Newman and Chef Mike for the wonderful BBQ and fixins * The incredible staff at Grace Mission who all jumped in to help * all the other volunteers that helped serve food * decorate and clean-up


We also want to thank our sponsors for the evening:
Valerie Arsenault * Frank and Linda Carter * Helen Haines * Sandra and Dennis Howard * Lina and Dean Knox * Pastor Amanda * Eli Roberts * Beverly Spencer * Kurt Spitzer and Ralph Tish.


With all of your help you make this a fun night and a great fundraiser for Grace Mission.

Grace Mission is a proud partner in the Mayor's

"1000 Mentors Initiative"  

Through “Family First”  initiatives, Mayor Gillum has sought to build on the great work of the child-focused organizations in our community, to more boldly drive change and move our City toward a more nurturing and dynamic place for our children and families to grow strong.  The City has taken the initiative to bring partners from all sectors of our community to identify the most issue-ridden areas of the City and put together a long-term plan for inducing large scale impact.  Through this work, the Tallahassee Promise Zone was created as a roadmap for the most challenged areas of the city.  Part of what developed from this work was  the 1000 Mentor Challenge (of which Grace Mission willingly joined and is a current active participant) giving children and youth of our community guidance, encouragement, and support to dream bolder, and reach higher than they  may think possible.


We are always looking for volunteers to help with our children and youth programs. If you are interested call us at 850-224-3817 to volunteer.

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Our parishioners appreciate 
your support, here is a list 
of items they need if you are 
planning on donating items 
to Grace Mission.

Underwear (L, XL)
Toilet Paper
Paper Towels

Thank you for being a blessing to others


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Our generous donors allow the transformative ministries of Grace Mission to flourish ... we appreciate your thoughtful generosity!