“Grace Mission helps reach those who are often forgotten in society: the homeless, poor, underemployed, addicted, people with AIDs, ...
Whether through our feeding program, worship services, outreaches, afterschool program, Bible Study, and many others, we try to extend "grace upon grace" to all people. We welcome you to become a part of this vital ministry!”  -Pastor Amanda Nickles

An Evening of Grace
Fundraising Gala

September 19 @ FSU Alumni Center
Please Save the DATE. Act Early! This is always a sold out event!
More details to follow...

Why do we do all that we do at Grace Mission? Let me share with you a message from our new Board Chairperson, Yolanda Bogan:


"When I have a good meal, I believe that the world is a much better place. When I am not hungry my mind is more open to thinking and learning and my heart is more open to giving. I assume others are the same. A full stomach and a clean body help to provide dignity and make way for health, healing, and hope. Grace Mission believes that everyone, even the poor, should be healthy and whole. In such a state of being, there's an increase in law and order, family stability, and well-being. Grace Mission nurtures spiritual development by providing two church services on Sunday, weekly Evening Prayer and twice weekly Morning Prayer along with a Spirital Recovery meeting and Bible study each week. Grace Mission improves school performance through meeting with children regularly (3x per week) for homework assistance during the school year and providing summer camp scholarships, as well as Reading Academy to help children prepare for the new school year by improving their reading abilities. Grace Mission promotes community pride by helping local residents keep the neighborhood clean. Grace Mission prevents illness and restores health by providing coats, blankets, and prescription medication, and collaborates with other like-minded organizations through donating to local, national, and international programs. At Grace Mission, we feed the hungry twice a day on most days. While Grace Mission is a ministry of the Christian Church under the Episcopal Diocese, we welcome those who want to do something to promote dignity, health, healing and hope."


Dr. Yolanda K. H. Bogan
Professor and Director
Department of Psychology
Principal Investigator, FAMU MSI-CBO Program

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