S o    m a n y    w a y s    t o    G I V E    A T    G R A C E  !

CLUB 100 / CLUB 500
To Bless the People and Ministries of Grace Mission Throughout The Year!

Support the General Operations of Grace Mission!
The many free offerings of Grace Mission for those living on the margins - including meal, worship, afterschool and tutoring, shower, laundry, and a variety of counseling, faith building, and community building programs -- require generous, ongoing support from our many donors. Please consider how you might be able to help us sustain these vital ministries, now and throughout the coming year!! Pastor Amanda challenges all GM donors to join her in committing to quarterly support of GM through Club 100 or Club 500, thus allowing for better financial planning.  You will be publicly recognized for your tremendous support! Thank you so much!
$ 100 Club 100!... Btn Cart LG Commit $100, 4 times per year!
$ 500 Club 500!... Btn Cart LG Commit $500, twice per year!


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We promise to honor your generosity and use your donation as effectively as possible. Grace Mission reserves the right to redeploy donations among the above categories to best meet the most current estimate of needs in each category, and ensure an equitable distribution of resources to achieve GM's mission.